We have put together a full catalogue of options that will let you make the most of the beautiful region without needing to camp out in the forest.


Hotel Orangutan offers the possibility to organise trekks in the jungle to bring you for a fabulous encounter with nature and our precious Sumatran Orangutans.

Read this fantasic guide on Orangutan Trekking that was made by one of our happy customers as it contains a wealth on information on what to bring and what to expect.


Our team consists of experienced guides certified by the local ITGA HPI (Indonesia Tourist Guides Association – Himpunan Pramuwisata Ltd). They carry the forest in their heart and extremely respectful and protective of the beautiful ecosystem that is Gunung Leuser Park. They will happily guide you through their jungle, get you to meet the most amazing fauna hidden in its vegetation and tell you the stories of how to protect and preserve it for all future generations.


The tour starts at Bukit Lawang, “the hill that is the gateway to the mountain”, on the edge of Gunung Leuser National Park home to some of the rarest and endangered species on Earth, including Sumatran Rhinoceros, Orangutans and Rafflesia Arnoldii (the world’s largest individual flower). Based on your group size, the length of your trekk and the physical condition of all the participating members, our guides will craft an itinerary taking deep inside this fabulous ecosystem. From the magical encounters with some of the last wild Sumatran Orangutans to the impressive contact with nature, this tour will be the highlight of your trip and a memorable experience to share with your friends and family.


Group Size (Price in Euros)
1 2 3 4 5 6
3 Hour 85 55 50 50 45 45
1 Day 100 65 60 60 55 55
2 Day 165 100 95 95 90 90
3 Day 230 140 125 120 120 120
4 Day 345 205 170 165 165 165
5 Day 450 265 210 200 200 200
6 Day 535 305 240 230 220 210
7 Day 640 355 270 250 230 215
Please note:  All prices are per person and in Euros.  If you do not want to include tubing, then please remove 10 Euros per person.

3 Hours: Permits, guide fee, fruit and tubing
1 Day: Includes Lunch
2-3 Days: Includes dinner, tea/coffee, camping equipment

4-7 Days: Includes the same as 2 & 3 day treks. Increased cost is due to the requirement of additional porters to build a new camp each night and to carry additional food and equipment deeper into the jungle

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Suitable for all ages, this activity let you experience the excitement of the Bohorok river. Safely tied on large tubes that create stable raft, you will go down the river over around 12 kilometers, enjoying the thrill of small rapids and the relaxation of calm streams that will let you comfortably enjoy the scenery.

Catered to private group, the activity is quite flexible on timings and will last for 3 to 4 hours.

Cost – Per Person
1 Person     IDR700,000
2 Persons   IDR475,000
3 Persons   IDR400,000
4 Persons   IDR375,000
5 Persons   IDR350,000
6 Persons   IDR325,000

Costs include

Guide and assistant fee, transport back to Bukit Lawang, BBQ lunch and fruit salad.
Please note – We can supply life jackets at an additional cost of IDR20,000 per person if requested.


Bukit Lawang is a small village on the riverbank but is worth visiting to lose yourself in the local culture. Witness some of the traditional manufacturing processes and experience life as only a local would. You’ll visit a palm sugar plantation to understand how the sap is turned into brown sugar, a local tofu factory, a local rice field and adjoining processing plant and a local coconut shak to enjoy the refreshing taste of fresh young coconuts.

Various transportation options are available with the choice of travelling by motorbike (as passenger or driver) or by traditional becek (tuk tuk). Catered to private group, timings are flexible but we strongly advise to avoid the midday sun.

Option 1

3 hours

Motorbike Passenger/driver
1 Person – IDR250,000 each
2 or more Person – IDR200,000 each

Option 2

3 hours

Traditional Becak (tuk tuk)
1 Person – IDR250,000 each
2 or more Person – IDR200,000 each

Option 3

5 hours

1 Person – IDR350,000 each
2 or more Person – IDR 300,000 each

What’s included
Transport, guide(s), tofu, brown sugar and coconut


The bat cave is an impressive cave ecosystem. Approximately 3 km south of  the hotel (45 minutes’ walk), your journey there will first take you through a rubber plantation where you will see the traditional method of harvesting rubber from the rubber trees. The 3 rooms bat cave is burrowing inside a small limestone hill outside of town. The tour will take you in the pitch black cave to observe the bats as they are resting during the day and many other inhabitants such as swallows, snakes, cave crickets, etc)

Option 1
2-3 HoursWalk to the bat cave, tour inside and return to hotel. Includes guide, torch for cave, cave entrance fee.
Cost – Per Person
1 Person IDR175,000
2 Persons IDR125,000
3-6 Persons IDR100,000
Option 2
5-6 Hours as ‘Option 1’ but includes visiting Landak river – which is a very peaceful river and perfect for swimming. You will then enjoy a riverside BBQ of chicken or fish, with rice and fruit, whilst appreciating your surroundings. You will then walk back to the hotel.

Cost – Per Person
1 Person IDR550,000
2-3 Persons IDR450,000
4-6 Persons IDR400,000


Embark on a great family adventure for an amazing experience in contact with the Sumatra Elephant. Visit the Tangkahan sanctuary where you will be able to trek/ ride and wash the elephants yourself. A unique occasion to understand these animals and contribute to their preservation.

Hotel Orangutan provides:

Return transport @ IDR 600,000 per vehicle (maximum 4 persons)
Departure at 6am for the morning session and 11.30am for the afternoon session

Tangkahan provides:

Washing the elephants @ IDR 300,000/ person (at 9.30am and 3.30pm)
Trekking/ riding and washing the elephants @ IDR 1,000,000/ person (at 10am and 2pm)